The International Family Law Arbitration Scheme is a joint initiative of David Hodson, of The International Family Law Group LLP in London, England and Patrick Parkinson, Professor of Law at the University of Queensland, Australia.

David Hodson

David Hodson OBE is an English solicitor, mediator, arbitrator, an Australian qualified solicitor and barrister and a part time, deputy family court judge in London (DDJ at the CFC). He is a co-founding partner of The International Family Law Group LLP, a specialist practice in Covent Garden, London, serving the interests of international families and their children. He is editor and a primary author of The International Family Law Practice (Jordans 5th edition 2016), England’s leading textbook on international family law. He was the originator of the English family law arbitration scheme. He is a visiting Professor at the University of Law.

Patrick Parkinson

Patrick Parkinson AM is a Professor of Law at the University of Queensland. From 2011-14 he served as President of the International Society of Family Law. He is admitted to practice in Australia as a solicitor and is also a qualified mediator and arbitrator. He is the author of numerous books including Australian Family Law in Context (7th ed, 2019), Tradition and Change in Australian Law (5th ed, 2013), Family Law and the Indissolubility of Parenthood (2011) and The Voice of a Child in Family Law Disputes (with Judy Cashmore, 2008).